IMG_7944All weekend I absorbed the discussions, the pictures and the dramas that unfolded. They played out before me in the form of short films, interviews, photographs and conversations.

The weekend was heavily laden with information – which I had anticipated. What I had not predicted was the footprint it would leave in my subconscious or the light bulb moment I would experience.

For the last 14 years Flagstaff has held its annual Mountain Film Festival and this weekend I attended many of the films, coffee and bar talks and spent time conducting interviews and networking. One of my interviewees was a filmmakers who does truly spectacular work. His company, 4cornerfilms, helps with logistics, planning and production for film companies like the BBC, HBO and National Geographic. Any company who wants to work in logistically challenging and particularly hazardous parts of the world – including and specializing in the Grand Canyon.

IMG_7906I also met several renowned Grand Canyon artists, National Geographic correspondents and photographers and many local filmmakers. The topics of the films were fairly diverse with all of Saturday night’s films highlighting various aspects of the Grand Canyon.IMG_7904



It was an enriching experience and an event that should be attended with someone who enjoys discussing politics, the environment and has an appreciation for the talent of those behind the lenses, pens and brushes of the event.

There is such passion at film festivals. It come deep from within the artists and the works they create.

This film festival was extremely politically charged since many filmmakers and high profile guests were focusing on developments and uranium mining that is encroaching on the Grand Canyon.

IMG_7931It was heavily environmental and liberal, with little to no conservative or right wing views expressed. To each their own.

However, one of the things that struck me over the course of the weekend was the passion, creativity, depth and devotion the artists put into their causes and their work.

IMG_7894I realized it’s the kind of passion I want to have in my walk with Jesus Christ. He is my passion, He is my cause. He is my savior. He deserves to have all of my devotion and passion.

All weekend as I absorbed the discussions, the pictures and the dramas that unfolded before me I thought about the time and energy everyone has given the Grand Canyon.

As much as I love the Canyon I still see it as just a landmark.IMG_0025

Is it grand and majestic beyond adjectives? Yes. Should we should protect and preserve it? Absolutely. That’s our job as stewards of this earth. But what if all the energy and passion that is given to one of the world’s most remarkable landscapers could be focused on humanity and saving souls and doing the work of the son of God?

Can you imagine the lives and people that would be impacted?

What I slowly came to realized is that the idea that has slowly grown stronger inside me each year is a passion for Jesus Christ.

I want to filter – nay capture, that same intensity and passion the filmmakers and artists and activists put into their causes and use it for Christ’s benefit. I want to use it and make it my work.

I want the one life I have to live to be about our Creator and His cause.

I want to take the opportunities and talents I have and turn them into movements. I want people to be passionate and excited about the savior of the world. I want to share hope and Christ’s story in jails and prisons, in foreign countries, to the displaced and the discarded of the world. To those who are seeking answers and to those who don’t know yet that they need answers.

I want to serve God with my talents and I want to have the passion and the faith to follow Him fearlessly.

braceletsGod gives us talents and desires. Mine is to write and to travel and live fearlessly. I believe God already has and will continue to turn my passions into my paychecks.

Because that’s what He does. He has a plan. We (you, me, all of us) have to trust Him and remember that He has a plan.

……….for now and for me, that looks like my daily and weekly life right here in northern Arizona. Which brings challenges of its own.

For those seeking to make your passions into something more, I encourage you to lean into what you desire and dream about and pursue it with your whole heart.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 


For those wanting to turn their passion for Christ into more than just idleness, I encourage you to walk close to Christ and He will give you guidance. Learn to listen and when you hear from God, don’t be afraid to be passionate. Speak up, speak out and live boldly for Jesus Christ.



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