DSCF3437mexico 35Mexico is a country of contrasts. It’s a sexy country – as most Latin American countries are. The women are unashamed of their full, curvy figures and the men whistle their approval in unabashed public displays of attention.

It’s true, there’s something to be said about the country itself – how it’s sizzling hot summer sun beams down on half naked bodies as they bake themselves golden brown on the sandy beaches of resorts and how it settles on the bent, brown backs of laborers making steady stops to peddle their wares day by day to those same scantily clad bodies. At the end of the day, tourist and laborer dream of Corona, ceviche and top shelf margaritas. mexico 23

Yes, Mexico is full of contrasts, which is half of its charm and one reason it has always been close to my heart. Either that or growing up a few hundred miles from the border has made me dream of the country below ‘the wall’ more than once.

The Wall built along the U.S./Mexico border to dissuade illegal immigration and activity. There is around 2,000 miles of border between the U.S. and Mexico.


Mexico has more than one scene, which is all dependent on where you visit – there’s the dirty border crossings which separate the U.S. and Mexico. These crossings can make your skin crawl and is one reason tourists can be easily deterred from visiting. With border guards carry Ak – 47s and watching you like you might be smuggling next year’s supply of coke into the U.S., it makes you think that maybe you should have listened to your parent’s advice and road tripped through New Mexico because, ‘it’s practically the same place.’

But if you’re smart and willing to go further into Mexico, it is a country full of surprises. mexico 25Once you get past the border (take a plane, it’s safer and easier!) You’ll find a world of bronzed bodies, toothy smiles, delectable margaritas and flavor popping Dos Equis waiting to be explored.

mexico 5
One of the top tourist destinations in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. As a tourist destination it’s got a lot going for it. There are any number of adventure tours that will take you high into the tropical canopies to go ziplining or take a horseback riding adventure. The ocean is a steady presence and offers whale watching, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, parasailing, sea kayaking and sailing. There’s no end to historical and cultural tours to nearby mountain towns including San Sabastian, a two hour drive that lets you explore the countryside. The lazy beach town of Las Caletas gives you the opportunity to hone your surfing skills or take lessons and try surfing for the first time. Of course a number of walking tours let you discover the city on foot.

For the adventurous I suggest going to a public beach and getting your feet wet with the locals. Dive into the food! Make sure you try Pescado Vallarta – a melt in your mouth marinated fish I had at a beachside cafe during an afternoon at Mismoloya Beach. Fish Tacos and margaritas are always a must have and lucky for the tourist, Mexican’s know exactly what most tourists are after and are happy to oblige.

DSCF3574DSCF3605The tacos really are to die for. And if you spend very long in Puerto Vallarta you’ll find your way to the Malecón, a 12-block, mile-long boardwalk of beachfront properties. The Malecón is a shoppers paradise, a foodies dream and a boozers haven. DSCF3588DSCF3536DSCF3879DSCF3890It offers a little for everyone. During the day the Malecón and all of Puerto Vallarta is a bustling city filled with life – tourists lying stateside of luxury pools outside manicured beaches while locals hustle to make a peso, urging their children out the doors of their casitas. It’s a city and a country of contrast, with tourists hidden behind marbled floors and ceilings and locals looking out for their own.

The city itself is a municipality in the state of Jalisco, a western Mexican state known for its mariachi music and tequila. It’s said both originated in Jalisco.


When visiting Puerto Vallarta – or anywhere, really, it’s always smart to get outside your comfort zone, throw around some words in the local dialect and try and make a few new friends. That’s where you’ll find the true heartbeat of the city and see where it’s pulse starts. You’ll have a much truer sense of exactly what the country and culture are.

When you get up early to see the sunrise over the ocean you might be lucky enough to see a fishermen get the jump on the first catch of the day. If you’re really lucky you might get invited to be a guest and share a meal or a cerveza in a neighbor’s home. That’s where the magic happens – watching or helping put a pot of frijoles on the stove to soak or using car rims to barbecue carne asada and pork for tacos.

It’s worth it to spend time away from the beach and glamour of what most tourists experience to get a deeper look at authentic Mexico. Who knows, maybe you’ll spend your birthday in a new friend’s casa and have a birthday party and a haircut in the living room all in the same afternoon. mexico 50 mexico 19 mexico 36

Like much of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is full of contrasts. It is a city boasting of relaxation and pampering on one corner and a city of everyday complexities on the next. mexico 28mexico 10mexico 22 mexico 21mexico 3DSCF3811mexico 30DSCF3703mexico 2mexico 39


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